Among Antwerps authentical bars and pubs ‘Kassa4’ is one of a kind. For almost more than over 18 years Kassa4 has been a city’s highlight for different people coming from all kinds of directions which makes it on of those places you would always run into somebody you know not leaving for the next hours. If you’re a music fan, you’ll get your kicks here as well. This place plays a wide variety of music according to the atmosphere inside.

At first you might not notice it but the place is bigger than it seems. The café still has some more room at the side and in the back which is suitable also for private meetings and parties such as birthdays.

Outside the square has recently been renewed so no more traffic running across and lots of space for an outside terrace, chilling in the sun, playing some chess, whatever you like…
So hop in, see what a real bar looks like as it has been for decades and don’t forget to sign our guestbook and leave any comment you would like.

See you on the inside!